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It is our great pleasure to provide you with the the following articles as part of our oral health digital library. This library provides you with the latest information on all aspects of dentistry to help you make the best decisions for your dental health. Such decisions can change not only your smile but your life for the better. If you have any questions after exploring the library, please feel free to ask our team.

Featured Article on Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening - What you should know
If you want to whiten your teeth, the best place to start is with a healthy mouth. Tooth decay, sensitive or cracked teeth, infections or periodontal (gum) disease problems should be diagnosed before any tooth whitening procedure. We can evaluate, diagnose and treat any pressing oral health conditions and advise you about different options to safely and effectively whiten your teeth...Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Porcelain Veneers

Improving Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers
Many patients are discovering the benefits of dental veneers. Unlike a crown, which covers the entire tooth, a veneer is a thin covering that is placed over the front (visible) part of the tooth. A dentist applies veneers in a simple, comfortable procedure that takes just a few visits... Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth-Colored Fillings for a Natural Smile
Advances in modern dental materials and techniques offer new ways to create more pleasing, natural-looking smiles using esthetically attractive materials, such as ceramics and plastic compounds that mimic the appearance of natural teeth...Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Dental Implants

Dental Implants - Your Third Set of Teeth
If you are self-conscious about missing teeth or wearing dentures, there's an alternative that may be right for you: dental implants. Dental implants are one option for replacing missing or badly diseased teeth. A Dental implant offers comfort and stability and, by virtue of the artificial tooth it supports, is a restoration that is the closest thing to a natural tooth...Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Restorative Dentistry

When a Filling Needs to be Replaced
A dental filling (also called a "dental restoration") is intended to replace tooth structure lost to decay. Dental fillings may last many years; however, eventually all fillings need to be replaced. Constant assault from eating and drinking, or stress from cleanching or grinding, eventually may cause a dental filling to fail...Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Treating Gum (Periodontal) Disease
Have your gums ever bled when you brushed or flossed? This most commonly overlooked simple sign may be the start of silent (periodontal) disease leading to tooth loss. And if you've been diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease, the good news is that it often can be treated successfully...Read Entire Article

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Featured Article on Root Canals

Getting To The Root of Endodontic (root canal) Treatments
In the past, injured or diseased teeth frequently had to be removed. Today, they often can be saved through endodontic treatment. Also known as a root canal treatment, this procedure may be performed by a general dentist or a specialist called an endodontist. If you take good care of it, the restored tooth could last a lifetime...Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Invisalign

Invisalign Orthodontics
The orthodontic treatment using clear aligners consists of a series of aligners that you change about every two weeks over a course of treatment lasting six to eighteen months depending on how much movement is needed... Read More

Featured Article on Dental Injuries

The Field-Side Guide to Dental Injuries
Accidents to the teeth, jaws and mouth can happen at any time during any sporting activity. Proper attention can save pain, alleviate anxiety and costly dental treatment. A little knowledge, as they say, can go along way. This field-side guide briefly explains some simple rules to follow when dealing with different dental injuries and when you need to see the dentist... Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth - Causes and Treatment
If a taste of ice cream or a sip of coffee is sometimes painful or if brushing or flossing makes you wince occasionally, you may have a common problem called "sensitive teeth." Some of the causes include tooth decay, a cracked tooth, worn tooth enamel, worn fillings and tooth roots that are exposed as a result of aggressive brushing, gum recession and periodontal (gum) disease...Read Entire Article

Featured Article on Dental Xrays

Dental Xrays - A Diagnostic Tool
Dental xrays can provide important information about a patient's oral health. They help dentists examine the underlying bone, the roots of the teeth, unerupted teeth and the contact areas where teeth touch one another. In some cases, dental xrays can uncover a condition at an early stage before a patient experiences any signs or symptoms that something is wrong...Read Entire Article

If you have questions...
If you have questions or concerns about any of the topics discussed above, or you would like an appointment to disucss a specific issue with Dr. Farr, please schedule an appointment and we will be happy care for you.

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